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   Linda Price is the founder and principal consultant specializing in team-building, communications and personal development in the US and internationally.  Her seminars are widely recognized for helping participants discover ways to be more valuable members of their organizations.  She is a coach, consultant, mediator, hypnotherapist, and trainer.  Offerings provided are in the areas of corporate image, communications, organizational effectiveness to include organizational development and behavior, and team coaching and training, and are highly valued by the organizations who have engaged her services.

   Her 25+ years professional experience include serving as Director of Human Resources and Manager of Training and Development for sales and marketing of major high-tech corporations, as the Education Officer for the US Air Force, Satellite Test Center (Onizuka AFB) in California, and as a university instructor.

   Her academic credentials include:

      Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (IP)

      MA in Management, U of Redlands, CA

      BS in Business Administration, U of San   

          Francisco, CA.

      Teaching credential, U of California at 

          Berkeley, CA.

      Mediation Certificate

      Certified Hypnotherapist, American      

          Institute of Hypnotherapy.










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