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This workshop can be designed and customized to your needs.  Bad hires create havoc in the workplace not to mention a major drain on the budget, lost productively, low morole, and the problems associated with removing them from the workplace.  This workshop is designed for office staff that are tasked with the responsibility of interviewing and hiring personnel.  Know how to prepare for the interview by determining the right questions to ask, and being able to ask them in the interview to ascertain if the candidate has the skills, knowledge and abilities that are right for the job.  Hire the best and control your budget!



      Create an Effective Hiring Process.

      Save Time and Money by Evaluating Resumes and Effectively Phone     


      Prepare for the interview -- Before, During, and After.

      Know How to Conduct a Competency-Based Behavioral Interviews.

      Ask Legal and Success-Factor Questions.

      How to Transition the New Empoyee into Your Workplace.


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