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    Professional Dynamics was founded in 1986 to meet the growing needs within organizations.

    For an organization to make effective business decisions, first a business analysis is performed and the correct alternative programs must be articulated.  At Professional Dynamics, we regard management consulting and training as the provision of advice and practical guidance on the demand that the public- and private-sector managers require and for them to chart a course of action for their organizations.  Guidance on the initial step in the development of HR management strategies, advice on management and supervision techniques for an organization is addressed.

    We offer specialized consulting-including one-on-one executive coaching and offsite planning meetings--in the following areas:

     Organizational change

     Management and employee effectiveness


     Human Resources

     Develop manager and supervisor leadership skills.

     Build high quality task-oriented teams

     Resolve conflicts constructively

     Enhance a positive corporate image

     Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

     Providing excellent customer service

     Interpersonal Skills for Effective Communication

     Negotiating Skills

     Effective Presentation Skills

     Presenting the Professional Image

     Time Management

     Empowering your Staff

     Stress Management

    Effective Interview Techniques

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